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Author Topic: This Board  (Read 2226 times)


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This Board
« on: Jul 22, 2011, 03:08 AM »

Currently available groups:
  • All Points Bulletin
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

This is primarily a place for current and former members to discuss other games without drawing focus away from the raison d'Ítre of the website.

This board can have an infinite number of child boards for discussing other games, especially ones that generate multiple threads. The primary purpose is to keep the main forum and recent post list clear for people who aren't interested in a particular game, and also to keep guests and prospective members from seeing things which could erroneously imply that Tyranny has a split focus.

In order to see a child board that corresponds to a game you're interested in, you'll have to go into your Profile->Group Membership ( http://eq2tyranny.com/index.php?action=profile;area=groupmembership ) and add the appropriate available group. You can join and leave these groups freely. Please keep in mind that these forums are available to any registered user that decides to join the appropriate group.

If you want a new board created for a specific game, please reply to this thread with your request.
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