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Author Topic: Lol....  (Read 2120 times)


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« on: Sep 01, 2011, 06:46 PM »

    Written by Michael L Wells on July 28, 2011 – 1:26 am
CYBER CRIME ALERT: It should be noted that under several accounts people whom visit the site eq2flames.com are suffering gross harassment by the users of that site with no remedies from the administration of that site.  It would be highly advised to stay away from EQ2Flames.com as they are a criminal network of juvenile delinquent users.  Should you feel you have been victimized by this site, you should contact your local law enforcement as soon as possible as well as the FCC.

Reports coming from victims of this site range from simple harassment, to child pornography, to personal invasion of privacy.  Attempting to reason with the administrator of the site EQ2Flames.com will cause him to post your transmittals in public while plagiarizing your writings by adding his own words while attempting to quote you.  Be aware of EQ2Flames.com and help us stop crime!  Please keep in mind anonymous telecom (including internet) harassment has been illegal and a federal crime for the past 60 years!

These cyber terrorists at EQ2Flames.com will stop at nothing to steal your online identity, and attempt to expose your children. Participants of EQ2Flames are liars, valor thieves, and above all felons.  Consider your actions wisely before attempting to join this fan-site for EverQuest 2!

It is furthermore reported that they are making invalid claims to being veterans of the United States Army (US Army), Marines, and Air Force (US Air Force).  They are claiming injuries (irradiation) from war-time events without proving or the ability to prove their statuses after being proven wrong from records obtained from St. Louis, the Department of Defense’s Personnel Records Headquarters. Notwithstanding they will deploy smear campaigns when approached or questioned.  They will create articles and say it is you making these articles around the net.

At the time, I was a high profile drug attorney, representing clients at trial who were caught with trafficking level quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana, and who would be sentenced to a mandatory term without parole of 30 or more years if convicted. The short story is that I became successful and flamboyant, which resulted in notice and surveillance from state and federal law enforcement. I was ultimately set up by a client in exchange for a reduced sentence after I made the tremendous mistake of accepting some meth from that client for my own use.

So who is the site administrator for EQ2Flames?  No other than ERIC, of San Jose, California.  That is right, Eric is LFG.

Not only has this guy claimed his way to fame by being a ex-criminal defense attorney gone bad, but he claims to have served extensively in the US Army

The Army straightened me out, but I also became addicted to pain pills following an injury, and that lead to a heroin addiction.

But he claims to have been a “high profile” defense attorney who was busted for meth and disbarred.

I became successful and well known as a criminal trial attorney, and saved many clients from decades in prison.

accepting a small amount of methamphetamine from a client who had been recruited by law enforcement to set me up in exchange for dismissal of an arrest.

But this gets a wee bit better.  After he spends 5 years in jail, he comes out and makes a miraculous recovery after finding god.

Now, I can say without hesitation my career change was a blessing, since I make the same amount or more than I made as an attorney, but I only work a fraction of the hours and have a zero stress job.

Editor note: Finding God?  I remember this passage outlining what to do to hypocrites and those priests that lie about God, furthermore Jesus is cited on countless occasions for chastising the Pharisees.

People on EQ2Flames claim this guy is in his 30′s and this, is quite frankly impossible.  You cannot serve a 4 year Army contract, then get a 4 year law degree, then serve 5 years in jail in an 12 year period of time and have time for careers.

Source: JesusOwns.com

The odd thing is, when you Google this guy and his location for news articles the only thing that comes up is Eric Chase for molesting 13 year old girls.

The more likely story is that the site admin (Eric AKA LFG) is a child molester that was sentenced to Active Duty and when he got out he lures little girls in through “God”.

Editor note: Didn’t Michael J do this with boys?

Editor: DwayneK



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Re: Lol....
« Reply #1 on: Sep 01, 2011, 06:55 PM »

Rofl, someone sounds butthurt.

* Progression